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The first of my CB21 hatchlings are now ready for new homes,the Hognose for sale page has been updated and I will continue to update as more become available.

Thanks for looking



First girls of the 21 season are in prelay shed and the incubator is on and stable,fingers crossed for a great season.



I’ve added a few more to the available page and will put some more on tomorrow,all weights are now up to date.

Thanks for looking



Available page now up to date,I will continue to add more over the next few weeks.



Wow,hectic is an understatement!The first hatching rack is now full of new additions ranging from normals to super snows and plenty of other morphs inbetween.

I plan to update the available page in a week or two when the first CB20 are ready for new homes.

Thanks for reading



Wow,time flies!

After a slight delay the 2020 season is underway,everyone is awake and feeding and on the second round of pairing,several new pairings for me this year and my first year working with the arctic gene,thanks for looking and have a great season!




had a few glitches on the website,but looks like I have them sorted now,will be adding more to the available page over the next few days,sorry for any inconvenience.



Available page updated with a few more hogs,there will be more to come when ready,thanks for looking



Hi,it’s that time of year again!

I will be updating the available page over the weekend with a current list of hognose,as well as CB19 I also have some stunning older males available.




Sorry for the lack of updates!

It’s been a nice steady season for me this year,but my CB18 Hatchlings are now well established and ready for new homes along with a few CB17.

All pics and details are on the available page.

Thanks for looking



The first clutch of the season is now sat in the incubator, the pairing snow conda x Albino anaconda het Axanthic.Hopefully I should have,albinos,snows,albino anacondas, snow anacondas, albino supers and snow supers.


Happy new season!!

All the hogs are now fully awake and pairings have started,hoping for some really nice combo’s this season.

Available page has been updated and again returning customers receive a 20% discount.

Thanks for looking.James


Cooling time again!,it seems to come round quicker each year.All the adults have been down for two weeks now.

Available page is up to date with new additions,and for the first time I already know what I’m aiming to produce next season!

Thanks for looking



Available page is now up to date with all hogs ready to go,I still have plenty to add when I’m happy for them to go.starting to condition the adults now as it will soon be time to cool them down.

Thanks for looking,James



The first few clutches of 2017 are all established and several are now ready for new homes,I will be adding them to the available page over the next few days.More clutches are due to hatch over the coming weeks and still some eggs to be laid.

Thanks for looking




first clutch of 2017 is now in the incubator, and several more females in pre lay shed!…busy times ahead.updated the available page and all snakes have up to date weights.Thanks for looking.James



Available page updated….all the adults are now warming up,so not long till the fun and games begin 🙂


A belated Happy New Year,and already a new season awaits!

I have managed to get the available page upto date with plenty of hogs for sale.i will be having a good sort out as soon as the sub adults/adults come out of brumation,so please keep checking back to see whats available.

I have started working on my 2017 breeding plans and when finished I will list the pairing on here along with possible offspring.

thanks for looking.



Again,i apologise for the lack of updates.

I’ve had a quiet but very productive season and the incubator is now off until next year.

The available page has been updated with some stunning CB16 offspring and i’ll be adding more on a weekly basis.

thanks for looking



Sorry for the lack of updates…..the first clutch of 2016 is now in the incubator!, hopefully more eggs to follow soon as some of the females are looking big!


Wishing everyone a happy new year!

The available page is now upto date and I’m offering a 20% discount to returning customers.

I have also updated the terms and conditions page,mostly in regards to payment plan options so please take the time to read before contacting me.

I will have a list of 2016 pairings up in the next few days to give a rough idea of expected offspring for the season.




Available page now updated.

Very busy at the moment getting ready for brumation and planning next years pairings,hopefully some great hogs to come if all goes well.


Available page is now upto date and i will keep adding to it over the coming weeks,if you can’t see what you want feel free to email me.

I would just like to say a massive thank you for all the messages and support i have recieved since the break in. Unfortunately  there is still no news on the stolen snakes.


Well the last clutch of the season has pipped and the incubator is shut down for another year.

It’s been a quiet season but a very productive one.

the available page is now upto date with lots still to come,if you don’t see something you like feel free to get intouch .


Well the first hatchlings of 2015 are out and feeding well.

I was lucky enough to hit Lavenders and also a Lavender Anaconda which I believe is a worlds first, I will have visual lavenders available soon and also some very nice albinos.


hognose for sale page is now upto date will all that’s available.
Lots of gravid females atm but they seem to be keeping me waiting this season,hopefully the next post will be all about eggs,thanks for looking.James


Sorry for the delay in updates.
The available page is now upto date and I will be adding more very soon.The first clutch of 2015 is now in the incubator and it wont be long before I have a few more in there to keep it company.
I have decided to give a lot of my females a year off from breeding and will only be pairing select few for certain combos and morphs.
I will have a full list of possible outcomes added to the site later this evening.


Available page now updated,not long to go now before the 2015 season starts.
i will be adding a list of potential offspring to the available page sometime over the next few weeks.


I would just like to thank everyone who has bought a hog this year and also to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!


Well, you may have noticed a few changes ready for the new season, the most obvious being the new web address and email :).There will be a new facebook link appearing very soon to the new facebook page and I’m also on instagram cragtophognose.


Second week of burmation for the adult hogs, judging by the grumpy attitude during water changes all is going well.

Plenty of CB14 hognose still available, I’m also able to do good rates on courier runs, so feel free to get intouch.


After some major glitches the website is back to normal!!

The available page is now upto date with some fantastic hatchlings.

Still plenty more to come this season,not long now before I begin plans for the 2015 season.

thanks for looking



More added to the available page,upto date weights and pictures.

Only one clutch left in the incubator for this season,my most anticipated clutch Anaconda het Hypo x Red Hypo,still around two weeks to wait!


Available page now updated,again still lots to come this season,enjoy!


Some nice hypos and hets hatched a few days ago and I have also had my first ever snow hatch!, lots more to come this season so please keep checking back for availability.IMG_4857


Available page now updated,just waiting on second clutches to hatch and current hatchlings to have a good number of feeds.Still lots to come this season.


Available page updated with some new additions,and some revised listings as the Green phase are pos het Albinos having proven my Adult Green as 100% het!

Still lots to come over the next few months


Available page now updated with more of this years offspring.if you can’t find what you’re looking for please get intouch.

i will continue to add hatchlings when they are established as eggs are still being laid and hatching.





The first couple of cb14 hogs are now available and listed on the for sale page.

I will now keep adding individuals as and when they are ready,there will be a great variety listed over the next week as they are all feeding very quickly this season.

More clutches will be hatching over the next few weeks and second clutches are still being laid.


Well after a crazy two weeks the first hatchling rack is full!

I hatched my first ever albino supers and some fantastic red stripe supercondas and some crazy looking anacondas and twinspot albinos.

Alot of females have double clutched this season and eggs are still being laid.

The available page is updated with a list of hatchlings that will be available soon.


The first of this years hatchlings have arrived, 5 albinos and 3 100% het albinos!great odds so far

I will have lots hatching over the next few weeks and still have clutches being laid.


The season is well underway now with the incubator filling up nicely, I have added a few more outcomes to the for sale page.

Hopefully I will hit the odds for some great visuals this season.


First clutch is now in the incubator albinos and 100% hets, plenty more to follow.


The first gravid girls of the season are now in prelay shed and looking in great condition, incubator is up and running, just a waiting game now.



The 2014 breeding season is now well underway.

Several locks have been seen and eggs expected by mid march!


Just a quick apology to anyone that noticed all the unwanted links that appeared on the site, hopefully everything is back to normal

Regards James


All organised for the 2014 season.

All the adults have come out of brumation in great condition and most of the females have taken a feed.


Not long to go now before I wake the adults up for the 2014 season, I have now added a possible offspring list to the site.Hognose for sale page.

I will also have some cooled ready to breed 2012 males available. They will be advertised when feeding regularly


Available page is now upto date,will be adding more in the next day or so.

Only one month of feeding left til brumation starts and then to decide what to pair  up for next season! nothing set in stone as yet but i will be making a list of 2014 possible pairings and will add to it as i go so stay tuned!


Last of this years eggs have hatched,a clutch of Albino Anacondas and Albinos all het for Snow.

Hognose for Sale page now updated with still lots to come this season.


Available page now upto date,with lots more still to come.

Only one clutch left to hatch in the incubator for this season,then it’s back to prepping for next year!


Available page updated,i will be adding more very soon,please note i can deliver to Hamm and Houton shows and all uk shows.


Well the first hogs of 2013 are now ready for new homes and a few from 2012,the for sale page is now upto date.

The hatchling racks are filling up nicely,the lastest clutch to hatch, some stunning Evans Hypos.Lots of hatchlings are feeding well, so i will be adding more to the page very soon,and still plenty of eggs to hatch including Albino Anaconda het Snows.

Thanks for looking



Sorry for the delay in updates, the first of this years normals are almost ready for new homes, also het hypos, conda het hypos and red phase normals will be soon.The first Albinos of the season should hatch this week.


First hatchlings of the year are now on the hatchling Tramadol rack 11.8 normals, should have more hatching in ten days.


Well the first of this years hatchlings has pipped..after years of breeding I still love the moment when a little nose pops out!, I also have 6 girls in prelay shed and several in their lay boxes.busy, busy!


Well the breeding season is in full swing and the incubator is filling up nicely.several females in prelay so more eggs due very soon.
Incubating VolumePills so far
Pos het Albino
Het Albino
Het Hypo
Anaconda het Hypo
First clutch due to hatch on the 10th of May.


The first clutch of 2013 is now cooking in the incubator and several females in prelay shed,i’m expecting hatchlings to be ready for the end of May onwards,regards James


I have added a possible offspring list at the bottom of vigrx work the hognose for sale page,fingers crossed for a very busy season!

18/02/13 Busy Busy Busy!,all the adult hogs have been paired and several locks seen so far,still early days.i will be adding a list of possible offspring for this year to the available page very soon.

16/01/13 Happy New Year! All the adult hogs came out of burmation today so the 2013 season has finally arrived!Looking forward to spending some time with them.plenty of 2012 hatchlings on the available page.regards James

24/12/12 A very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013.Also a very big thankyou to all who have bought a hog or contacted us throughout the year.We still have some snakes for sale and we will be back next season bigger and better! regards James Vann


Burmation well underway now,still very busy caring for the hatchlings and holdbacks,also changing the snake rooms round and trying a few new things,still plenty of hogs available and more to come.


Forgot to add that as of next season I will be offering collection at most Euopean shows including Hamm, Houton, Barcelona and Verona. More details to follow.


Available page now upto date, new gallery pics coming soon. I plan to update the info pages on the site while my adults burmate, if there is any particular info you would like to see please feel free to email.


Available page now updated,including some anacondas…enjoy.


Had a great day yesterday, photo shoot of this years holdbacks and new additions and some of my adult breeders, so i will be adding new pictures all over the site soon. Some more hogs ready for new homes, so will update the available page in the next few days!


The last clutch of eggs for this season should hatch any Live Sex day, for sale page now updated with more to come soon.


Just one lonely clutch left in the incubator for this season! conda x conda. will be updating the for sale page soon which will include cb12 anacondas and supercondas that are almost ready for new homes.


Just to let you know my internet is going to be limited for the next few weeks, I will attempt to reply to emails as fast as possible, but please be patient. If you need to get hold of me feel free to text the mobile number on this site.


Thanks James.


Apologies for the lack of posts! The available page has been updated and more to come very soon. I am expecting supercondas/anacondas to hatch out any day and another clutch to hatch in around ten days. PLEASE NOTE: All 2012 normals/greens/het albinos and female albinos are sold/reserved.


more hatchlings over the last fortnight, I hatched out my first ever supercondas from a small clutch of 5 eggs, 2 supercondas and 3 anacondas! My extreme red pos het evans amel/hypos also hatched and look fantastic. Lots more hatchlings have had multiple feeds so the available page will be updated regularly. Please take a look.


A very busy last couple of weeks, but almost back to normal, lots of hatchlings feeding, eggs hatching and more being laid! My het Lavender x Anaconda eggs hatched with a total of 5 anacondas and 6 normals all 50% het Lavender. I’m expecting several clutches this week from superconda, Anaconda and extreme Red Albino.

For Sale Page Now Updated !!


A few normal clutches hatching at the moment and all the new additions are feeding well, I should Pokies have animals available in the next week or two so keep a lookout on the for sale page!


Albino and hets hatching at the moment along with a clutch of normals, I Pokies should have my first anacondas of the season hatching in the next week.


My first clutches of the 2012 season have started to hatch,Albino Pos Het Snows and Pokies Het Albino 50% Het Lavenders!,I have updated the for Hognose For Sale Page with Prices.


Another second clutch again this week and my female superconda has also laid,a katy perry pokies few more outcomes added to the Hognose For Sale Page,prices to follow shortly.


A few more clutches this week, looks like my females are going to double new online pokies clutch for me this season! A few more added to the incubating list!


Just a quick update to the Hognose For Sale Page,lots more to follow and prices.


Several females in prelay shed so expecting more eggs very soon, the website is being fine tuned at the moment, as soon as it’s done i will put up my expected offspring list. Apologies for the delay!


A few more clutches this week, het albinos and het lavender x anaconda.Over the next few weeks i will put up an expected offspring list for 2012.


More eggs this week! het Lav x Albino and Albino x pos het Albino.


The first clutch of the season is now in the incubator, albino pos het snow x pos double het snow,so fingers crossed these prove out!


A few pairings have resulted in locks this week and several females going into shed, so the breeding season is definitely underway!