1st October select snakes for following breeding season (females 250g+, males 65g+)

1st October-1st November feeding every 3-4days

1st November stop feeding to allow snakes to clear digestive system

15th November clean and disinfect snake tubs

16th November drop room temperature to 60f

23rd November drop temp to 55f

16th January  lift room temp to 75-80f  and hotspot to 90-92f

23rd January resume feeding

Above is a guide to my burmation method, I have found a quick drop in temp seems to work well as when I gradually dropped them the snakes seemed prone to respiratory infections.

When burmating I  check the snakes every few days and provide fresh water and clean out when needed.

After a week at normal temps a small meal is offered, females usually feed straight away, males can be fussy but tend to come around after the first pairing with the female.

Again I feed every 3-4 days.

When the females go into their Buy first shed cycle post burmation I introduce them to the males, usually the female reacts instantly to the male by almost vibrating and throwing her tail around. I leave her with the male for 3 days then separate for 3 days to feed and rest and then repeat the process until he loses interest or the female shows signs of being gravid.(swelling in the lower 1/3 of her body).when she goes into shed(prelay) I add a nest box into her tub, this is filled with damp moss with a hole cut into the top. At this point I try not to disturb her, only going in to replace water and spot clean. After shedding she will usually lay between 5-10 days, clutch sizes do vary anywhere from 8-24 eggs. after laying I remove the eggs and begin feeding as normal.

Hognose can and often double clutch without the reintroduction of a male, so when the female goes into her next shed I repeat the nest box process.